The Deadly Sin of Nostalgia

“The good old days”, “everything was way better before”. Every generation hears it a million times. Especially in matters of clothing and style. A bit depressing… and probably untrue. Nostalgia can play some tricks on you and you’d easily end up wearing a “costume” while trying to look genuine. Well, not everybody can dress like James Dean in 2019 and still look ace.

Steve Mono The Artisanal Sandal

To know your history can on the other hand be of great help. That’s where heritage brands such as Steve Mono are doing a fantastic job. We talking of a brand with a strong point of view (just look at their Instagram account and you’ll probably understand what we mean). Something pretty rare in a fashion world where it’s difficult to discern original voices in a sea of mediocrity. Steve Mono’s sandals, shoes and bags are fresh because they’re strongly inspired by an imagery and culture that has never been outdated. 

Their craftsmanship is also giving life to products that are beautiful, functional and sustainable.

It’s not the garments itself that are timeless, it’s the elegance of the people who will carry them that is. 

We carry The Artisanal Sandal 10/01 in Cognac and The Artisanal Shoe 10/03 in Tobacco for both men and women (sizes 37-44). You can also find The Blanket Tote in merino wool in beige/brown or ecru/brown as well as The Tote 02 in natural linen/cotton.

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