It’s Spring – Vétra Is Here- Newsletter 5 April

Vétra Workwear Jacket Jade, Drake's Yellow Oxford Shirt, Drake's Silk Linen Tie

A certain sign that spring is here for real is that we have just welcomed the new season from French iconic workwear brand Vétra. Pictured is one of Vétras original models, in a deep jade green cotton. We styled it with a pale yellow Oxford shirt and a silk/linen tie from Drake’s for that rugged yet casual elegant look we are so fond of. 

If you have been looking for a workwear jacket but not found “the one”, take a look here, because we certainly have a couple to look closer at. Worth mentioning is that we have the most classic one of all, the “Veste De Travail”, French workwear jacket, back again, in a hydrone blue washed moleskine.

Feeling a bit bored when you look in your wardrobe from time to time? Do you tend to use the same couple of outfits every week? We know the feeling. For some fresh inspiration, head to our Moodboard on Tumblr where you find plenty of styles & look inspiration to put your own twist on. 

We have styled this Hydrone Blue Workwear Jacket in moleskine from Vétra with a crew neck t-shirt in botiglia green from Sunspel and a pair of cotton/linen trousers from Universal Works.

How do you style your workwear jacket?

Share your thoughts in the comments to this post, or send us a picture.

So long!

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