Ties Are Fun!

Yes, the tie is still the “must have” accessory to add in a dressed-up outfit. But all of us are not bankers or lawyers (nothing wrong with that) or going to cocktail parties every Friday night (nothing wrong with that either. Very right actually.). And yes, in our fundamentally casually dressed modern world, wearing a tie is a statement. “I care” is what the tie, maybe more than any other piece of clothing is saying. It doesn’t necessary mean you’re too uptight tough.
Drake's Tie

Why not match it with a plain shirt & Andersen-Andersen Merino Wool Peacoat Navy
At Sage we love playing with the dress codes and we see the tie as a powerful garment to inject originality and fun in the way you dress. We prefer our ties made with materials that shows structure/texture (Shantung for example) and colours bringing contrast without screaming too loud.
This season, we’ve selected handmade ties from Drake’s, one of the most cherished tie makers in the world, that illustrates the above.
French and British workwear are perfect match!
So our advice is make a bold move, wear a tie and have fun doing it!

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