Socka Socka for Sage Just Arrived! – Newsletter 13 December

Socka Socka for Sage

New in! Socka Socka for Sage! Our own socks are here – just in time for Christmas! The socks are made for us in Nara, Japan by Japanese Socka Socka, and these beauties are indeed a superb choice for the colder months. Heavy knitted to keep your feet warm and we guarantee that you will look stylish too! Two models – four versions available.

The New York Times - The Case for Spending a Little More Sometimes

Read about buying for the long run instead of buying stuff that will be fine for a while. We could not agree more.

Davidshall 15-16 December Le Shop Sage

We and many of the shops around Davidshallstorg are extra open this weekend. We’ll treat you with the best FIKA – lussebullar & gingerbread cookies from Bageri Leve & coffee from Solde of course. And when you buy something at Sage you have the chance of winning a prize. Welcome!

Sage - Laperruque playlist

So long!

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