It’s Getting Closer To Christmas – Newsletter 6 December

Heimat @leofrancisphotographyContemporary, simple products made for everyday, modern living, that’s what Heimat is all about. Using traditional silhouettes made with the German tradition for high quality, we’re happy to introduce Heimat’s knitwear at Sage this season! Like they say, cloths and products that make you feel at home and secure. Pictured is founder Christian Hoffman photographed by @leofrancisphotographyGet your own piece of Heimat knitwear here!

Die Workwear - Comme des FillesComme des Filles – We’re soon hitting 2019 and the all menswear vs. womenswear feels pretty… irrelevant (?). One of our favourite blogs, Die, Workwear shows that the strict gender rules of fashion are luckily a thing of the past.

Sage Christmas Gift Guide SEK 400-1000Like last year we have put together a Gift Guide for Christmas to give some ideas for you. We divided it into four categories, Up to SEK 400SEK 400-1000SEK 1000-2500 and Over SEK 2500. Need more? Follow us on Instagram for a daily dose or contact us!

Answer our short surveyWe’d be very grateful if you would like to give us a couple of minutes of your time and answer our short survey. As a little thanx we’ll send you a code for 10% off to use on (valid until 23 December 2018). We need your answer before 14 December 2018. Thanx!

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