What is Quality? Price versus Value

Warehouse & Co tee

As you probably have noticed, today everybody is selling “quality” products. Regardless of who made the product, how it is made or the purpose of it. Our aim is not to start a debate or tell customers “buy this and not that”. “This is good or this is bad”.

We just want to let you know what is important for us when we choose the brands we work with in terms of products. What quality means for us. Obviously it’s about the materials, the construction, the durability, etc. but not just that.

This is where it’s becoming tricky and we often notice that there is some kind of confusion around the notion of quality, especially when price is coming in the picture.

Price and value are two different things and somehow in our world where over consumption is king, the two notions means and are, in the head of a lot of people, pretty much the same thing.

Is a 5 euros tee made by people in poor working conditions (salary, security, etc.) cheap?

Well, it’s not a lot of money but we think it’s pretty expensive.

On the contrary a 65 euros Warehouse & Co tee is surely a lot of money but is it expensive?

Those tee-shirts are made by knowledgable craftsmen in Japan using outstanding fabrics. They’re constructed to age beautifully and you will hopefully wear them a long time. A lot of money but a fair price for a product with great value.


Who made it? How is it made? How long/often will I wear it?


Whatever the price you pay it’s fundamental for us that you get as much as possible for your money.

We believe that to buy a garment is to do a meaningful investment. And to do so is to answer the following questions:

  • Who made it? Instead of where… There’s poor products made in Italy and great products made in India for instance.
  • How is it made? Natural material versus synthetics, durability, etc.
  • How long/often will I wear it? Helps to get a “cost per use”.

As we said we’re not into “evangelizing” people but we hope this help you to make a choice matching your expectations. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wish to know more or simply give us some feedback!

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