Ladies & Gents Ep. 2: Olof Nithenius

Meet Olof Nithander, or @olof1982 as you (and 63K other followers) on Instagram probably know him. We had the pleasure to have him in the shop in March when he hosted a trunk show for his own brand. Read about how his career in fashion started and his thoughts about clothing and style.

Olof Nithenius. Photo: Milad Abedi
Photo: Milad Abedi

Would you please give us a brief presentation of who you are and what you do? How did you start working with men’s fashion?

I’m 36 years old and live by the coast south of Gothenburg with my wife and little son. Objectively I’m probably a Jack-of-all-trades since I have so many irons in the fire and find it hard to sit still. My daily job is to manage money for wealthy people. I like this for two reasons. First of all, I have to work with people, which stimulates me a lot. Secondly, I keep up to date on the market and the outside world that affects us, which keeps me running intellectually.

When it comes to fashion, my other profession, there’s quite a long story behind. I’ve always liked fashion. From being a child wanting the right basketball team on my shirt till when as a teenager, I found the music and the Britpop whose anglo-style style influenced me a lot. In my older teens, the vigilance of British fashion from the Britpop continued to grow into the more classic and timeless fashion. In many ways this still applies today about 16 years later.

The first time I started working with fashion was about 15-16 years ago when I started working extra for NK in Gothenburg. The years went by and I did not only finish my studies, moved to London and back home again and started my career in banking before I once again had my foot back in the fashion world.

My friend, who’s also called Olof (Enckell) ran and asked me about six years ago if I had any interest in writing about classic men’s fashion for them once a week. This was the beginning of an unforgettable trip, where one thing led to another.

I have just left after these years and have also been assistant editor of the magazine Plaza Uomo, writing for SvD A Perfect Guide, Care of Carl, Crockett & Jones, doing a series of models and consultancy assignments and being interviewed by both the Financial Times and The Rake. It feels incredibly fun and a little surreal. I’m just a regular guy (young middle aged man) who likes clothes.

Olof Nithenius Photo: Ted Olsson
Photo: Ted Olsson

Is it important with rules when you dress? Why / why not?

That’s a good question and the answer is yes and no. I hate clothes saying that one should not say, or do so. If we look at what style is, it’s something personal and very deep. It is a reflection and extension of our personal and inner self. We dress and show who we actually are. Rules are restraining this and I don’t like it.

On the other hand, rules or codes may be useful in some contexts. Especially at parties. If you have a code and everyone dresses the same, we can spend more time freely and focus on personality rather than hierarchies that otherwise can easily occur through clothing.

Olof Nithenius Photo: Ted Olsson
Photo: Ted Olsson

In your opinion, how do you combine workwear and tailoring the best way?

This is an important issue for me because I usually try to combine this in some way. Normally, I dress quite classic. However, I do not want to appear as formal, conservative or elegant. This because this is not who I am and feel like.

So when I use classic clothes like suit jackets, shirt and tie, I’d like to use a somewhat more available shirt such as oxford or chambray. The tie is often also a bit lighter, such as activated or in a rugged raw side or wool. The shoes are often a bit heavier and preferably from Alden, Tricker’s or Paraboot. I don’t wear a suit very often but rather odd pants in flannel and jacket in tweed. I happily carry around my things in a leather or canvas tote bag. The beanie I wear is almost always red, it breaks off a bit and has become a personal matter.

When I’m not working, my style is much easier and often workwear inspired. There is a lot of selvedge denim, army chinos, field jackets and overshirts, t-shirts and boots.

Olof Nithenius Photo: Ted Olsson
Photo: Ted Olsson

Your best piece of advice on style?

Don’t listen to what other people say. What do you think is nice and what do you feel comfortable in? Only when you are self confident in yourself and what you wear, you will be able to carry things naturally comfortably.

The next clichée is to focus on quality. Especially with shoes and outerwear as well as knitwear. It’s good for the environment, the wallet in long term and also for the eye!

Olof Nithenius Photo: Ted Olsson
Photo: Ted Olsson

Can you give us your best shopping tips for Spring / Summer 2018? What can’t you be without this season?

Buy good shoes, buy good shoes and bet on good shoes! I will say it every season. In the case of an outfit that looks a little extra this season, in my case it will be the most popular overshirts. A shirt jacket that’s very easy to match with the most. Otherwise, it will be short-sleeved shirts in seersucker, checkered madras shirts and chambray combined with generous and wide army chinos and either Japanese discreet trainers, cordovan loafers or anything from Paraboot.

Olof Nithenius Photo: Ted Olsson
Photo: Ted Olsson

One piece of garment in your closet that you can’t be without?

Gray flannel pants! I carry them at least two times per week eight months per year.

Olof Nithenius Photo: Ted Olsson
Photo: Ted Olsson

If you would choose a couple of garments / accessories in our store which would it be? If possible, you wish to combine with your own from Olof1982.

From Sage this season I particularly like the classic workwear jacket from Vètra, Aston pants in olive twill from Universal Works, Andersen-Andersen’s raw cotton t-shirt and Tricker’s derby shoes in gaucho suede. For accessories the Laperruque khaki tote bag and Summer RPC socks in salt & pepper from American Trench.

Thank you so much Olof!

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